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Energy is the new new internet
 If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in energy, you should. We’ve seen this movie before. Spoiler alert: There’s massive economic opportunity ahead. How massive? Imagine standing in 1992, knowing that Google, Akamai, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, BuzzFeed and Uber lay ahead. This time it’s the “Enernet,” not the internet, that will… Read More
- de 242 jour(s) - lundi 23 janvier 2017 à 01h47
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Africa Roundup: eBay expands, Google CEO visits Lagos, Ghana enters space
 eBay opened up its U.S. platform to Africa through its partnership with Americans can now buy products on eBay from select vendors in six African countries, starting with merc ... suite
Dancing between data and intuition design lessons from Apple and eBay
 In this episode, eBay’s VP of design, Dave Lippman, shares his experience designing at Apple and eBay, the differences in their approaches to data and intuition and how he’s learned ... suite
eBay opens U.S. platform to Africa with partnership
 Starting this week, products from select vendors in six African countries are available on eBay’s U.S. shopping site. The collaboration starts in style, with opening merchandise categories ... suite
Avec Marketplace, vous pouvez vendre et acheter sur Facebook avec Messenger
La place de marché du réseau social débarque en France quelques mois après avoir essuyé les plâtres aux Etats-Unis. De quoi faire de l'ombre à Lebo ... suite
Database provider MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO
 MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO, sources tell TechCrunch. The company has submitted an S-1 filing in the past few weeks and is aiming to go public before the end of the year. New York-b ... suite
Facebook adds eBay’s Daily Deals to its Marketplace on mobile
 Facebook is again getting into the daily deals space, this time in collaboration with eBay. The company has launched a new feature within its Marketplace section on its mobile app, where a selec ... suite
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Vendredi 11 août
An American thought to be conspiring with ISIS allegedly got paid through eBay
Mercredi 26 juillet
Ebay to launch visual search tools for finding products using photos from your phone or web
Mardi 25 juillet
ThinkGeek has NES Classics in stock — with a catch
La livraison, au cœur des TPE-PME françaises tournées vers l'international
Lundi 24 juillet
⚡ Devant la CJUE, la distribution sélective à l'épreuve d’Amazon ou eBay
Jeudi 20 juillet
EBay shares sink after posting financial results
Jeudi 13 juillet
Shopify adding eBay as a sales channel for merchants
Mercredi 05 juillet
Letgo, l'appli qui bouscule les géants eBay et Craiglist
Photobucket devient payant et sème le chaos
Vendredi 30 juin
Nintendo SNES Classic Mini, déjà à prix d’or sur eBay…
Jeudi 29 juin
Here are all the different kinds of refurbished tech you’ll find on eBay
Justin Bieber's right Yeezy sneaker is for sale on eBay
Mercredi 28 juin
Pas encore lancée, la Super Nintendo Mini Classic atteint déjà des prix délirants
Mardi 27 juin
Antitrust : Google "respectueusement" en désaccord avec la Commission
Lundi 26 juin
Jeff Bezos says Amazon will ‘keep investing’ in India as rivals raise new war chests
Mercredi 21 juin
eBay wants your business so bad, they'll price match competitors
Ebay will now match Amazon’s, Walmart’s and others’ prices on over 50,000 items
Mardi 13 juin
Fyre Festival merch hits eBay because this dumpster fire just won't go out
Vendredi 09 juin
Cortana can now do price comparisons when you’re shopping online
Vendredi 02 juin
eBay cracks down on ticket resellers trying to make a profit from Manchester tragedy
Mercredi 17 mai
Le club des grands de l'IA accueille de nouveaux membres
Mardi 16 mai
The Partnership on AI adds Intel, Salesforce and others as it formalizes Grand Challenges and work groups
Mardi 02 mai
La disparition des applications Google Maps, Amazon et eBay de l’Apple Watch signe-t-elle sa fin ?
L'Apple Watch n'est pas un eldorado pour les apps
Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay quietly stopped supporting Apple Watch
Jeudi 27 avril
Marketing tech company Zeta Global raises $140M at a $1.3B valuation
Mercredi 19 avril
EBay unveils first quarter earnings results
Lundi 10 avril
Flipkart is buying eBay India as competition from Amazon heats up
Flipkart raises $1.4 billion from eBay, Microsoft and Tencent at an $11.6 billion valuation
Vendredi 07 avril
Les pirates informatiques Chinois sont de retour !
Mercredi 05 avril
eBay's founder just dropped $100 million to fight fake news
Mardi 04 avril
'Rick and Morty' creator may or may not have tried to sell McDonald's Mulan Szechuan Dipping Sauce on eBay
Vendredi 24 mars
India's biggest online retailer is acquiring eBay's India business, report says
Lundi 20 mars
Ebay takes on Amazon with guaranteed 3-day delivery on 20 million items

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