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The Partnership on AI adds Intel, Salesforce and others as it formalizes Grand Challenges and work groups
 Intel, Salesforce, eBay, Sony, SAP, McKinsey & Company, Zalando and Cogitai are joining the Partnership on AI, a collection of companies and non-profits that have committed to sharing best practices and communicating openly about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence research. The new members will be working alongside existing partners that include Facebook, Amazon, Google,… Read More
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The attack of the SuperFakes
 even years ago, watch fan Andrew Dakin bought a Movado watch on eBay for $500. It looked like a mint timepiece, well-maintained and classically styled. He had just started collecting watches, so ... suite
Ebay says Cyber Monday was its biggest sales day ever
 Looks like this past Cyber Monday was a hit across the board. Earlier today, Amazon noted that the Black Friday weekend was its strongest yet, and now eBay’s one-upping the site by announc ... suite
Company raises $347K ICO, vanishes
 A company called Confido raised a small ICO by selling special CFD designed to allow “safe and trustless cryptocurrency payments. According to ICODrops they raised their goal of about $400 ... suite
iPhone X pre-orders are being scalped on eBay for $1,500, on average
 Demand for the iPhone X has been “off the charts,” according to Apple, which led to the new device selling out in a matter of minutes. Well, that and the limited quantities available ... suite
eBay introduit des outils de recherche visuelle pour le shopping
Le site marchand permet à ses clients d’effectuer une recherche à partir d’une photo depuis leur smartphone ou sur le web.
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Jeudi 26 octobre
eBay launches visual search tools that let you shop using photos from your phone or web
Mercredi 18 octobre
eBay is having a pretty bad day
Mardi 17 octobre
Des députés veulent avancer à 2018 la déclaration automatisée des revenus issus des plateformes
Lundi 16 octobre
eBay takes on The RealReal and other fashion resellers with launch of authentication program
Lundi 09 octobre
bpost acquires Radial, formerly eBay enterprise, for $820M
Vendredi 22 septembre
It would be crazy not to resell your phone on eBay
Vendredi 08 septembre
Africa Roundup: eBay expands, Google CEO visits Lagos, Ghana enters space
Lundi 28 août
Dancing between data and intuition design lessons from Apple and eBay
Mardi 22 août
eBay opens U.S. platform to Africa with partnership
Jeudi 17 août
Avec Marketplace, vous pouvez vendre et acheter sur Facebook avec Messenger
Mercredi 16 août
Database provider MongoDB has filed confidentially for IPO
Mardi 15 août
Facebook adds eBay’s Daily Deals to its Marketplace on mobile
Vendredi 11 août
An American thought to be conspiring with ISIS allegedly got paid through eBay
Mercredi 26 juillet
Ebay to launch visual search tools for finding products using photos from your phone or web
Mardi 25 juillet
ThinkGeek has NES Classics in stock — with a catch
La livraison, au cœur des TPE-PME françaises tournées vers l'international
Lundi 24 juillet
⚡ Devant la CJUE, la distribution sélective à l'épreuve d’Amazon ou eBay
Jeudi 20 juillet
EBay shares sink after posting financial results
Jeudi 13 juillet
Shopify adding eBay as a sales channel for merchants
Mercredi 05 juillet
Letgo, l'appli qui bouscule les géants eBay et Craiglist
Photobucket devient payant et sème le chaos
Vendredi 30 juin
Nintendo SNES Classic Mini, déjà à prix d’or sur eBay…
Jeudi 29 juin
Here are all the different kinds of refurbished tech you’ll find on eBay
Justin Bieber's right Yeezy sneaker is for sale on eBay
Mercredi 28 juin
Pas encore lancée, la Super Nintendo Mini Classic atteint déjà des prix délirants
Mardi 27 juin
Antitrust : Google "respectueusement" en désaccord avec la Commission
Lundi 26 juin
Jeff Bezos says Amazon will ‘keep investing’ in India as rivals raise new war chests
Mercredi 21 juin
eBay wants your business so bad, they'll price match competitors
Ebay will now match Amazon’s, Walmart’s and others’ prices on over 50,000 items
Mardi 13 juin
Fyre Festival merch hits eBay because this dumpster fire just won't go out
Vendredi 09 juin
Cortana can now do price comparisons when you’re shopping online
Vendredi 02 juin
eBay cracks down on ticket resellers trying to make a profit from Manchester tragedy
Mercredi 17 mai
Le club des grands de l'IA accueille de nouveaux membres
Mardi 16 mai
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