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Facebook and MLB partner to bring live streamed games to the social network
 Facebook and the MLB announced today a new live streaming partnership that will bring 20 live, regular season games to the social network. The games will air weekly on Facebook, with the first – Rockies at Reds – showing tomorrow night at 7:10 PM ET on the official MLB Facebook Page. Additional games and times will be announced later on. The weekly broadcasts on Facebook will come… Read More
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Mardi 19 septembre
Facebook design head bullish on voice, dodges questions on voice apps and hardware
Facebook nabs COO Jennifer Dulski to lead Groups
Lundi 18 septembre
Mark Zuckerberg talked baby names with the president of China during Facebook's charm campaign
Nombre d'utilisateurs de Facebook en France
Facebook : un bouton Snooze de mise en attente des amis
Facebook : pourquoi sa lutte anti-fake news ne fonctionnerait pas
'Strangers' is the sweetest new series on Facebook Watch
Samedi 16 septembre
Facebook handed over info on those Russia-linked ads under a search warrant
Facebook tests 'Snooze' feature to temporarily hide annoying friends
Report: Facebook gave special investigator Robert Mueller detailed info on Russian ad buys
Vendredi 15 septembre
US election agency seeks views on rule change for digital ad platforms
Europe says “all options on table” for taxing tech giants
WordPress to ditch React library over Facebook patent clause risk
Facebook : vous pourrez bientôt mettre les bavards en sourdine
Facebook Messenger : 1,3 milliard d'utilisateurs comme WhatsApp
Facebook halts ad targeting of profile details abused by users
Facebook is the latest tech giant to hunt for AI talent in Canada
Facebook’s generation of ‘Jew Hater’ and other advertising categories prompts system inspection
Jeudi 14 septembre
Facebook let advertisers buy ads targeting 'Jew haters'
Facebook Messenger hits 1.3 billion monthly users, up from 1.2B in April
Fertility startup Carrot raises $3.6 million to make IVF and egg-freezing more affordable
Facebook “Snooze” button temporarily hides people in your feed
Wanted man taunts police on Facebook, gets a chilling response
Facebook centralizes its crisis response tools in a new hub called Crisis Response
Comment Orange collabore avec Facebook pour disrupter les télécoms
[VIDEO] Plan en 6 étapes pour se lancer sur Facebook Live
Crunch Report | North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges
Mercredi 13 septembre
Facebook’s Eddie O’Neil takes over Platform as Deb Liu grows Marketplace
Facebook makes it clear: You can't make money from violence, porn, and fake news
Facebook just released its Houseparty killer to win back the teens
Facebook bans monetization of violence, porn, drugs, hate
Facebook tries its hand at group video chat with Bonfire
Facebook : un bouton pour faire un don caritatif
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is leaving to start a non-profit

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