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Facebook is creating a news section in Watch to feature breaking news
 Facebook is going to create a new news section in its video streaming platform Facebook Watch to feature breaking news stories. The move, which Campbell Brown, the company’s year-old head of news partnerships, announced onstage at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, is part of a broader evolution of Facebook’s news strategy. Read More
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Le foot espagnol gratuit sur Facebook dans huit pays
Pour les trois prochaines saisons, le championnat d'Espagne de football sera disponible gratuitement et en direct sur Facebook dans des pays d'Asie du Sud.
Facebook buys Vidpresso’s team and tech to make video interactive
Zombie-like passive comsumption of static video is both unhealthy for viewers and undifferentiated for the tech giants that power it. That’s set Facebook on a mission to make video interactive, ... suite
Twitter Lite expands to 21 more countries, adds push notifications
Twitter announced today its Twitter Lite app is expanding to 21 more countries, which makes the data-saving app available to more than 45 countries in total. The app was introduced last year with the ... suite
Messenger Kids rolls out passphrases so kids can initiate friend requests themselves
Facebook is making it easier for kids to add their friends on its under-13 chat app, Messenger Kids. Starting today, the company is rolling out a new feature that will allow kids to request parents&rs ... suite
Vimeo removed Alex Jones’ account over the weekend
YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple, Pinterest and now Vimeo have removed Infowars content from their services. The video streaming platform is the latest in a growing wave of tech companies pull videos ... suite
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Lundi 13 août
Blockchain : David Marcus (Facebook) quitte Coinbase
Samedi 11 août
Openbook is the latest dream of a digital life beyond Facebook
Blind loyalty
Rencontres : comment Tinder compte résister à Facebook
Facebook is the recruiting tool of choice for far-right group the Proud Boys
Vendredi 10 août
What the Facebook Crypto team could build
Facebook now requiring Pages with large US audiences to go through additional authorization
Les 10 posts de marque les plus agréables sur Facebook la semaine dernière
Facebook shuts down Friend List Feeds
Facebook will make accounts with a 'large audience' verify home addresses
Réalité augmentée : L'Oréal maquille sur Facebook
Audience : Facebook dépassé par YouTube aux US ?
Comment Facebook force les utilisateurs de Messenger sur iPhone à livrer leurs contacts
Conditions d'utilisation : l'UFC Que-Choisir fait condamner Twitter
Some Infowars tweets vanished today, but Twitter didn’t remove them
Jeudi 09 août
Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people
Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds today
Facebook launches Mentorships, matching people within Groups to help them guide each other
Facebook Ads : les bonnes pratiques pour en tirer profit
The only good thing left on Facebook is private meme groups
Messenger : jeux en réalité augmentée dans les appels vidéo
Mercredi 08 août
Snapchat monitors Infowars as Alex Jones promotes “Censorship” gag AR filter
Facebook 'regrets' adding confetti and balloons to Indonesia earthquake posts
Facebook has locked down its platform. Why that's bad news for researchers.
Outgoing Facebook CSO Alex Stamos will join Disrupt SF to talk cybersecurity
Facebook builds its own AR games for Messenger video chat
Facebook Messenger introduit des jeux en réalité augmentée dans les appels vidéo
Facebook à la poursuite des données bancaires de ses utilisateurs ?
InfoWars terms of service bans 'hateful' users just like Facebook, YouTube, and Apple
Mardi 07 août
Facebook's app is now the third-most popular browser in the U.S.
Pourquoi Facebook cherche-t-il à se rapprocher des banques ?
Here’s Twitter’s position on Alex Jones (and hate-peddling anti-truthers) — hint: It’s a fudge
Facebook a-t-il demandé aux banques américaines les données de leurs clients ?
Facebook veut accéder à des données de clients de banques

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