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Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds today
Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds sometime today, according to a message posted in the Facebook app. The feature allowed users to scroll through only those posts from one of their designated friend lists – for example, family, work colleagues, neighbors, industry peers, and so on. The end result was a much more personalized […]
- de 10 jour(s) - jeudi 09 août 2018 à 18h48
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Jeudi 16 août
How to completely delete Facebook from your life
Facebook cracks down on opioid dealers after years of neglect
Facebook is going back to college
Crimson Hexagon regains Facebook data access
Devant la CJUE, les obligations de Facebook face au filtrage des discours haineux
Facebook says birthday fundraisers have raised more than $300 million over the past year
Mercredi 15 août
Facebook birthday fundraisers rake in $300 million in first year
Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems to build ‘Login with Coinbase’
Twitter puts Infowars’ Alex Jones in the ‘read-only’ sin bin for 7 days
Mardi 14 août
Le foot espagnol gratuit sur Facebook dans huit pays
Apple and Facebook could be asked by Australia to build tools to get around encryption
Lundi 13 août
Facebook buys Vidpresso’s team and tech to make video interactive
Twitter Lite expands to 21 more countries, adds push notifications
Messenger Kids rolls out passphrases so kids can initiate friend requests themselves
Vimeo removed Alex Jones’ account over the weekend
Blockchain : David Marcus (Facebook) quitte Coinbase
Samedi 11 août
Openbook is the latest dream of a digital life beyond Facebook
Blind loyalty
Rencontres : comment Tinder compte résister à Facebook
Facebook is the recruiting tool of choice for far-right group the Proud Boys
Vendredi 10 août
What the Facebook Crypto team could build
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Facebook shuts down Friend List Feeds
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Jeudi 09 août
Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people
Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds today - Détail en haut de page ↑
Facebook launches Mentorships, matching people within Groups to help them guide each other
Facebook Ads : les bonnes pratiques pour en tirer profit

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