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Android Pay to expand to new markets, add improved loyalty card features
 Yesterday at Google’s developer conference I/O, the company announced upgrades to its Payment API that will make it easier for end users to switch between their multiple payment cards when checking out on the mobile web, or paying for things in apps – even if those cards were not saved in Android Pay. Today, Google announced a few more changes to its payments business –… Read More
- de 125 jour(s) - jeudi 18 mai 2017 à 21h35
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Twitter replaces board member who left for Microsoft with ex-Google CFO
 Crossing the social media divides isn’t common in Silicon Valley, so it’s notable that Twitter and Microsoft have played a spot of musical chairs with their boards. Twitter board mem ... suite
How NOT to invest in ICOs
 The early days of ICOs are even more speculative than the dot-com bubble and Google ads clearly aren’t your friend. Read More
Google’s Pixel 2 XL leaks in two colorways, reportedly priced at $849
 Google’s big Pixel 2 event is coming up very soon – it’s set for October 4. The Pixel 2 XL has leaked, however, with pictures of both a black and a white color option, and the ... suite
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Mardi 19 septembre
You can now search your library’s e-book collection straight from Google
This could be the Google Home Mini
Google may have accidentally leaked details about its Pixel 2
Google’s AI chief thinks reports of the AI apocalypse are greatly exaggerated
Piratage : Google et l'audiovisuel français veulent nettoyer YouTube
Google’s search app now makes suggestions of other things to read
Google Cloud’s Natural Language API gets content classification and more granular sentiment analysis
Google Assistant sera prochainement plus proche de vous
Your Google Home will now help you find dates
HTC Vive Focus : un casque de réalité virtuelle autonome conçu avec Google
Google : l'affichage des comparateurs de prix aux enchères ?
L'équité selon Google, c'est de faire payer les rivaux de son comparateur
Android Oreo ou Android 8 : nouveautés et terminaux compatibles
Google met fin à une aberration de l’application Gmail
Intel et Waymo partenaires pour créer des voitures 100% autonomes
Crunch Report | Slack Raises $250 Million
Facebook design head bullish on voice, dodges questions on voice apps and hardware
Shasta Ventures launches a fund to accelerate AR and VR app development
Lundi 18 septembre
Bose's Google Assistant headphones reportedly appear in the wild (but you can't buy them yet)
Monday's Google Doodle is an ode to English lexicographer Samuel Johnson
A Google security chief considers the NSA a state-sponsored threat
Google’s Heather Adkins thinks everybody is going to get hacked and you need to be ready
Tune in to Disrupt SF Day 1 right here!
Google brings its resources for founders and startups to a single site
Avec sa nouvelle appli, Google propose de payer avec des ultrasons
Bing launches Google-like fact-checking label
Autoplay : derrière les annonces de Google, des règles permissives et une collecte de données
Google goes big in Asia with mobile payment app for hundreds of millions of people
Waze and Spotify integration arrives on iOS
Quand Google essaie de déposer un brevet d'une technologie publique
Réalité virtuelle : le casque HTC Vive Focus dévoilé en même temps que le Pixel 2 ?
Google debuts Tez, a mobile wallet and payments app for India
Dimanche 17 septembre
ARAD helps developers get ads in their augmented reality apps
Summer ’17 – A seismic shift for gender diversity in tech

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