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LinkedIn raises its ad tech game, launches Audience Network across ‘tens of thousands’ of sites and apps
 Facebook has set the pace for how social networks can grow their advertising revenues by leveraging advances and ad tech and the information that they collect about users and their interests through the social graph. Now LinkedIn — the career-focused social network owned by Microsoft with some 500 million registered users — is hoping to step up its game in ads and ad tecch, too.… Read More
- de 15 jour(s) - mercredi 06 septembre 2017 à 14h20
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The director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab has departed
 Adam Coates, director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab, has left the company. A source confirmed the exit and Coates has updated his LinkedIn reflecting the change. Coates joined the ... suite
Reid Hoffman on evolving product-market fit and sizing up talent
 In our new episode of the Founder’s Corner podcast, I spoke with my longtime friend and former colleague Reid Hoffman––the renowned entrepreneur and investor who co-founded Lin ... suite
Facebook is testing a feature for mentorships between users
 Earlier this year, Facebook signalled a plan to move into LinkedIn’s territory with the launch of job advertising. Now it appears to be taking another step to help develop the professional ... suite
Qu'est-ce qu'écoutent les Français au travail ?
Linkedin et Spotify publient une étude sur les habitudes musicales des Français sur leurs lieux de travail. Des goûts qui peuvent avoir un impact négatif sur l’image d ... suite
Food exec John Foraker, long the CEO of Annie’s, has a new, “stealth” organic food startup
 John Foraker, who led the well-known organic food brand Annie’s for 17 years, is working on a new organic food startup in Berkeley, according to both his LinkedIn account and a recent repo ... suite
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Mercredi 30 août
Tech industry and comp-sci majors are highest earners, says LinkedIn job survey
Lundi 28 août
LinkedIn announces open source tool to keep Kafka clusters running
Vidéo Linkedin : la plateforme lance enfin la vidéo, à quand les Lives ? Live & Co’m #23
Jeudi 24 août
Comment publier une vidéo native sur LinkedIn ?
Mercredi 23 août
Crunch Report | First Day YC S17 Wraps Up
Mardi 22 août
LinkedIn opens video uploads to all as part of a bigger video push
Vendredi 18 août
Rapportive founder’s new startup Superhuman is what Gmail would be if built today
Mercredi 16 août
Workday acquires the team behind Pattern, a young startup founded by ex-Googlers
LinkedIn is rolling out video creation on its mobile app
Mardi 08 août
AlienVault plug-in searches for stolen passwords on Dark Web
Lundi 07 août
LinkedIn vise les jeunes avec un « Tinder du mentorat »
Dimanche 06 août
LinkedIn veut séduire les jeunes avec un « Tinder » du mentorat
Vendredi 04 août
LinkedIn wants to pair you with someone special. No, not like that.
Jeudi 03 août
LinkedIn is rolling out a free Tinder-style service to pair users with mentors
Mercredi 26 juillet
New LinkedIn tool tells businesses about who’s visiting their websites
Lundi 24 juillet
Kate, William and Harry want to connect with you on LinkedIn
Vendredi 21 juillet
AngelList co-founder Babak Nivi out “for my own reasons”
Jeudi 20 juillet
4 reasons I almost accepted your LinkedIn request, but didn't
LinkedIn Lite launches as an Android app in India, coming to 60+ countries soon
Lundi 17 juillet
LinkedIn’s new desktop app arrives on Windows 10
Jeudi 13 juillet gives you more options to share your posts on social networks
Vendredi 07 juillet
Ashton Kutcher's LinkedIn page shows exactly why sexism persists in tech
Mardi 27 juin’s latest round was actually a recap
Lundi 26 juin
LinkedIn’s head of China is leaving the company
Mardi 20 juin
Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine
Mardi 13 juin
AI on your lock screen
Vendredi 09 juin
Now that it owns SlideShare, Microsoft is closing its own file-sharing service
Jeudi 08 juin
Thibaut Gemignani (Figaro Classifieds) : "Le nouveau Viadeo n'attaquera pas frontalement LinkedIn"
Vendredi 02 juin
Les Devs viennent de Mars, les Ops de Vénus : le traitement analytique peut-il les réunir ?
Samedi 27 mai
Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Sam Altman invest $30 million in
Jeudi 25 mai
Why you should probably update you LinkedIn profile
Mercredi 24 mai
Instagram fait de l’ombre à LinkedIn ?
G2 Crowd, a Glassdoor for software reviews, gets $30M from LinkedIn and more
Mardi 23 mai
G2 Crowd raises $30 million for its Yelp for business review service

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