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Universe, a mobile-only website builder, lets you create pages in ‘under a minute’
 The world platforms for developing websites and publishing online is a crowded one, with established players like WordPress, Wix, Zoho, Weebly, Duda Mobile and Squarespace competing against newer entrants like Medium and the likes of LinkedIn. Now make way for Universe, another startup that hopes its mobile-first approach for building “light” websites on mobile — the pitch… Read More
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Instagram fait de l’ombre à LinkedIn ?
Selon une étude de Jobvite, les jeunes demandeurs d’emploi consultent de plus en plus les informations relatives à une entreprise sur le réseau social Instagram. Les recherc ... suite
G2 Crowd, a Glassdoor for software reviews, gets $30M from LinkedIn and more
 In the age of social media, you’re only as good as your last like, and today a startup has raised a sizeable round of funding banking that the same maxim applies to sof ... suite
G2 Crowd raises $30 million for its Yelp for business review service
 Putting their own money where their business is, the founders of G2 Crowd joined a new $30 million financing for their business review platform. The round was led by Accel and inc ... suite
Yahoo’s Bob Lord said massive data breach felt like Vertigo
 Being the chief information security officer at the company that’s suffered the biggest (known) data breaches in history isn’t the kind of fame most CISOs would be looking for. But i ... suite
Mya raises $11.4M Series A to streamline recruiting for retail, warehouse and call center jobs
 Recruiting is miserable. The experience lacks so many things: transparency, fairness, timeliness and so on that solutions to date have only addressed part of the problem. LinkedIn made the ... suite
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Mercredi 10 mai
LinkedIn : voici les professionnels qui ont le plus de relations
Lundi 08 mai
Cohort is a new take on getting value from your professional network
Mercredi 03 mai
LinkedIn veut déployer des chatbots pour aider à se faire recruter (entre autre)
Mardi 02 mai
Microsoft fourbit ses armes pour s'attaquer à Salesforce
Samedi 29 avril
Microsoft : 4,8 Md$ de bénéfices au troisième trimestre, avec Azure et Office aux avants-postes
Mardi 25 avril
LinkedIn : 500 millions d'inscrits
LinkedIn passe la barre des 500 millions de membres
Sur LinkedIn, les Parisiens sont les plus connectés
LinkedIn : le demi-milliard de membres depuis le rachat par Microsoft
Microsoft rapproche LinkedIn et Dynamics 365
Crunch Report | Uber Responds to iPhone Tracking Report
Lundi 24 avril
LinkedIn hits 500 million users as it remains the quiet giant of social media
New Microsoft tools integrate LinkedIn data directly into Dynamics 365
LinkedIn hits 500M member milestone for its social network for the working world
Jeudi 20 avril
NerdWallet just laid off over 40 people, including its VP of growth
Completed wants to take on LinkedIn with a Yelp-style rating model
Mardi 18 avril
LinkedIn’s updated privacy policy covers wider profile sharing
Lundi 10 avril
[Facebook Live] Live & Co’m # 9 Comment générer des prospects avec le nouvel outil Linkedin & autres news médias sociaux et webmarketing
Jeudi 06 avril
Ben Casnocha and Erik Torenberg are raising a $50M investment fund
Mercredi 05 avril
Microsoft launches “Who’s In,” a social event planning app for iMessage
Vendredi 31 mars
Here's how women are represented (or not) in LinkedIn's highest-paying jobs
Jeudi 23 mars
iCloud et iPhone menacés ? Apple n'a pas été piraté
LinkedIn tries to make a smarter news feed with 'trending storylines'
Mercredi 22 mars
Universe, a mobile-only website builder, lets you create pages in ‘under a minute’ - Détail en haut de page ↑
LinkedIn revamps timeline with Trending Storylines: curated, algorithmic news clusters
Mardi 21 mars
LinkedIn steps closer to CRM as it gives Sales Navigator an enterprise boost
Lundi 20 mars
Linkedin : the place to be pour le B2B [Etude]
Vendredi 17 mars
LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a tool for mocking internet traffic
LinkedIn : l’allié indiscutable de votre stratégie Social Media
Mardi 14 mars
LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft’s board
Lundi 13 mars
LinkedIn : 7 solutions payantes pour les recruteurs
Mercredi 08 mars
LinkedIn : blocage maintenu en Russie
Russia says ‘Nyet’, continues LinkedIn block after it refuses to store data in Russia
Vendredi 03 mars
Company of software engineer held at JFK hits back on LinkedIn

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