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NASA seeks to build a quieter supersonic plane for passenger flight
 NASA has designed a supersonic plane that it hopes will help reduce flight time for international travelers, and its design is intended to reduce the noise of the jet to well below that of the Concorde. Starting in August, Bloomberg reports, NASA will seek bids from aircraft manufacturers to bring their design to life with a full-scale mode, with a budget of nearly $400 million from the… Read More
- de 26 jour(s) - lundi 24 juillet 2017 à 19h33
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Hands on with Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone
 It’s a pretty captivating pitch: Andy Rubin, one of the guys who founded Android (and who lead the project within Google for 8 years!) has a new company… and he’s building an ... suite
Uber’s new head of Asia is a former Goldman exec who once climbed Mount Everest
 Regular run-ins with government regulators and battles with well-funded local rivals have made Asia challenging terrain for Uber. The challenge is such that it’s fitting that the U.S. ride ... suite
Another ‘Game of Thrones’ episode leaked early via a partner
 HBO’s international partners and affiliates should be extra careful going forward: For the second time in a little over two weeks, one of them was responsible for the early leak of an epis ... suite
Alipay partners with Yelp to continue its pursuit of Chinese tourist money
 Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliated valued at $60 billion, is continuing to follow Chinese tourists and their wallets overseas after it inked a deal with Yelp in the U.S.. The partnership ... suite
Narrativ helps publishers make more money when they drive sales
 Narrativ founder and CEO Shirley Chen said there’s a big revenue opportunity that’s gone largely untapped by online publishers — namely, the links those publishers are already ... suite
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Mardi 15 août
In a bid for more unique designs, Bucketfeet moves to on-demand shoe manufacturing
Dimanche 13 août
WiFi dans les hôtels européens : des hackers ont tenté d'obtenir des données sensibles
Vendredi 11 août
SoundCloud saved by emergency funding as CEO steps aside
Comment repenser son impact publicitaire avec l’affichage dynamique ?
Jeudi 10 août
Peru is on a bid to catch up with its innovative Latin American neighbors
Données personnelles : Disney s'intéresserait un peu trop aux enfants
Navigateurs Android : Samsung ne baisse pas les bras face à Chrome
Tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour créer une publicité Facebook captivante
Watch : Facebook lance son service de vidéos originales
Mercredi 09 août
Tesla said to be working on self-driving tech for electric semi truck
5 astuces pour optimiser votre campagne Adwords
Mardi 08 août
BlueJeans Network names industry vet Quentin Gallivan as CEO
Mercredi 02 août
The Mooch bids America farewell with bizarrely poetic parting words
The awesome reason behind 'Star Trek: Discovery's lead's name
Mardi 01 août
⚡ Le bloqueur de publicités de Google arrive dans Chrome 62, sans action pour le moment
Franprix et Henkel s'essaient au drive to store multilocal
Chrome : le filtre de pub natif se montre sur Android
Lundi 31 juillet
Cord cutting pressures lead to Discovery Communications’ acquisition of Scripps Networks for $14.6B
Shopping, formats, data… Le point sur les dernières tendances SEA
Vendredi 28 juillet
Microsoft’s slow creep back into mobile
AWS won’t be ceding its massive market share lead anytime soon
Facebook : des revenus publicitaires mobiles qui explosent
La Guerre Facebook vs Google !
Dropbox is reportedly inching closer to a potential IPO
Jeudi 27 juillet
Jeff Bezos’ brief stint as world’s richest human ends with Amazon’s second quarter whiff
Coup de filet de la police chinoise contre les auteurs du malware Fireball
Facebook : la publicité mobile fait recette, des milliards même
Slack is raising a $250 million round at $5 billion valuation
In the murky world of ICOs, this young founder aims to lead the way
Mercredi 26 juillet
The IPO market in 2017? Underwhelming so far, underscores a new survey
Dépenses publicitaires : les tendances à venir sur les réseaux sociaux
eMarketer’s 2017 forecast puts Roku ahead of Chromecast and others in the U.S.
Comment faire face au data leakage ?
Lundi 24 juillet
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