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Jeudi 08 février
TapCommerce’s founders are back with Attentive, a messaging startup that’s raised $13M
Twitter is suddenly making money and Wall Street likes it a whole lot
Chrissy Teigen's latest Twitter rant about John Legend is the most relatable yet
Mercredi 07 février
Tether critic's Twitter account suspended under questionable circumstances
Twitter : pas de poursuite pour soutien matériel à l'Etat islamique
Pornhub et Twitter bannissent le «face swap» de célébrités dans les vidéos pornos
Twitter bans fake porn videos with celebrity face swaps
Twitter's best jokes about Game of Thrones and Star Wars joining forces
Mardi 06 février
Apple is sending some developers ad spend and install details for other people’s apps
Twitter’s director of AR/VR leaves the company
Lundi 05 février
Watch how SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy launch should go
Pink didn't just crush the Super Bowl. She also destroyed some dude who said she 'sucks' on Twitter.
Vendredi 02 février
Sure looks like China has a ship-mounted railgun
Jeudi 01 février
Dan Harmon reunited a lost drone with its pilot using the power of Twitter
Twitter is opening up its full archive to the broader developer community
Dolly Parton responds to Adele's Twitter tribute with heartfelt message
Mercredi 31 janvier
Twitter now says 1.4 million people interacted with Russian trolls during 2016 presidential campaign
In stream video ads, le programme Twitter qui dope le reach des médias
Lundi 29 janvier
Sur Twitter, marques et éditeurs peuvent s'associer, pour des Moments sponsorisés
Twitter ouvre les Moments aux publications sponsorisées
DJ's Twitter thread about meeting Wyclef Jean is one of the best things you'll ever see
Dimanche 28 janvier
Celebrities buy fake followers. Twitter:
Samedi 27 janvier
Twitter cherche à s'inspirer de Snapchat pour améliorer le partage des vidéos
Vendredi 26 janvier
A young startup with a timely offer: fighting propaganda campaigns online
HQ Trivia gets rid of the $20 minimum to collect your winnings
Twitter now lets advertisers sponsor publishers’ Moments
Equity podcast: Netflix soars, Twitter loses a big bird, Lyft isn’t woke and more ICOs
Twitter accused of dodging Brexit botnet questions again
Rules of engagement when you follow your colleagues on Twitter
Here's how Twitter uses artificial intelligence to crop your photos
Jeudi 25 janvier
Even Twitter is trying to be like camera-friendly Snapchat now
Mercredi 24 janvier
This bot can tell if your Twitter crush likes you back
Lutte contre le cyberdjihadisme : pour Twitter, le tournant Charlie Hebdo
Anthony Noto, DG de Twitter, quitte le navire
Crunch Report | DJI unveils new Mavic Air
Facebook and Twitter face a short deadline on Russian bot #ReleaseTheMemo reports for Congress
Mardi 23 janvier
Why Twitter's future just got even darker
Hawaii's governor couldn't tweet about missile false alarm because he forgot his Twitter password
Twitter COO Anthony Noto resigns to become SoFi CEO
Chrissy Teigen, queen of Twitter, has got women embracing their grey hair

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