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David Karp is leaving Tumblr by the end of the year
 As Verizon’s digital media business Oath rolls on with its merging of Yahoo and Aol (which includes TechCrunch), today comes news of a significant departure. David Karp, who founded and led the Tumblr business, is leaving by the end of the year to be replaced by the social media site’s president and COO, Jeff D’Onofrio. The news was making the rounds on Twitter, and we… Read More
- de 88 jour(s) - lundi 27 novembre 2017 à 20h19
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Crunch Report | Go-Jek Buys Three Startups
Go-Jek buys three startups, the California Department of Public Health warns against being on your phone for too long and AOL Instant Messenger is officially dead. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
AIM is officially dead
 Say “goodbye” (in the AIM voice, if possible) to Aol Instant Messenger. Back in October, Oath (the combined entity of Yahoo and Aol) announced that it would shutter AIM on December 1 ... suite
Steve Case’s $150M Rise of the Rest seed fund launches with an impressive roster of investors
 A long list of prominent American businesspeople have joined AOL co-founder Steve Case’s new Rise of the Rest seed fund for startups in the Midwest and other areas that are overlooked by i ... suite
Latest round of Verizon layoffs at Oath affects
 Verizon has initiated another round of layoffs as a result of its acquisition of Yahoo and subsequent combining of the company with its existing business property AOL to form a new division &mda ... suite
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) : fermeture du service en décembre
Après Windows Live Messenger, c'est un autre géant de la messagerie instantanée d'antan qui disparait : AOL Instant Messenger, ou AIM. | Zone Numerique.
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Lundi 09 octobre
Adieu AOL Instant Messenger !
AOL Instant Messenger : clap de fin le 15 décembre
Samedi 07 octobre
Crunch Report | AOL Instant Messenger Is Shutting Down
PSA: Don’t share your old AIM screen name
Vendredi 06 octobre
AOL Instant Messenger is being laid to rest and the internet is mourning very loudly
AOL Instant Messenger will finally, totally die in December
AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years
Mercredi 20 septembre
Former AOL exec Seth Demsey joins Revcontent as an advisor
Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup
Mercredi 16 août
Ground Control launches with CAA to bring entertainment’s biggest stars to Alexa, Siri, and Google
Lundi 26 juin
Update: As Yahoo’s partnership with AT&T unwinds, users need to switch email addresses
Jeudi 15 juin
Mobile gaming company Scopely raises $60M
Mercredi 14 juin
Le rachat de Yahoo bouclé par Verizon, Marissa Mayer s’en va
Verizon finalise l'acquisition de Yahoo!
Mardi 13 juin
Verizon closes $4.5B acquisition of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer resigns [Memo]
Vendredi 09 juin
Sources: Yahoo CISO Bob Lord out after AOL-Yahoo merger
Crunch Report | Big Layoff Coming to AOL and Yahoo
Jeudi 08 juin
Confirmed: Verizon will cut ~15% of AOL-Yahoo staff after merger closes
Mercredi 31 mai
Visite dans le nouveau siège d'AOL France
Mardi 23 mai
Verizon CEO confirms company’s plan to launch a streaming TV service
Lundi 15 mai
AOL co-founder Steve Case on why VCs need to look beyond Silicon Valley
Mardi 09 mai
Media Prima buys Rev Asia for $24M to create Malaysia’s largest digital media platform
Mardi 02 mai
Happy 20th birthday to my first true love: AOL's Instant Messenger
Lundi 01 mai
Equinix completes $3.6 billion deal to buy 29 data centers from Verizon
Verizon stakes a self-driving claim with investment in Renovo
Jeudi 27 avril
Steve Case to talk AOL, startups and “the rise of the rest” at Disrupt NY
Jeudi 13 avril
Slack finally catches up to AOL Instant Messenger
Mercredi 05 avril
Verizon : vers la disparition des marques Yahoo et AOL ?
Crunch Report | Yahoo and AOL combine to become Oath
After an unexpected reveal, AOL’s CEO explains that Oath is about B2B branding
Mardi 04 avril
Verizon va regrouper AOL et Yahoo sous un nouveau nom : Oath
Verizon regroupe AOL et Yahoo sous le nom de “Oath”
Yahoo + AOL = Oath, for some reason
Lundi 03 avril
Yahoo + AOL = Oath? It's looking like that

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