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Enterprise software investments may be tepid now, but they’re poised to engage
Logan Bartlett Contributor Share on Twitter Logan Bartlett is a vice president with Battery Ventures. More posts by this contributor The SaaS Success Database Have we reached “peak software”? Just like the idea of “peak oil”—the hypothetical point at which global oil production could max out—you could say we’re approaching a saturation point for venture-capital […]
- de 10 jour(s) - jeudi 12 juillet 2018 à 01h40
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Twitter recrute un ancien patron de la Banque mondiale
Robert Zoellick a été choisi pour siéger au conseil d'administration de Twitter. Ex-directrice générale de l'institution internationale, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweal ... suite
Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps
The Data Transfer Project is a new team-up between tech giants to let you move your content, contacts, and more across apps. Founded by Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, the DTP today revealed ... suite
British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR
Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the view in the British Airways social media cockpit, where staffers at the coalface of the airline’s Twitter account have presided over a wildly unus ... suite
And now, here’s a ‘Trumpy Cat’ augmented reality app from George Takei
Anyone who follows George Takei on Twitter can tell you that Star Trek‘s original Sulu is not a fan of President Donald Trump. But he’s found a new way to express that criticism — no ... suite
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Jeudi 19 juillet
Someone please stop these copycat emoji Twitter accounts
Mercredi 18 juillet
Russian indictments show that the U.S. needs federal oversight of election security
La folie de la Coupe du monde s’est emparée de Twitter : le bilan chiffré
Facebook, Twitter et Google : des erreurs oui, mais pas de censure politique
Elon Musk kinda apologizes for calling Thai cave rescuer a ‘pedo’
Twitter is holding off on fixing verification policy to focus on election integrity
Mardi 17 juillet
Dems and GOP unite, slamming Facebook for allowing violent Pages
Founder and investor Elad Gil has a new book that aims to help startups with their later-stage challenges — before they get to that point
House Rep suggests converting Google, Facebook, Twitter into public utilities
We need to talk about the Keebler cookie Twitter account
Lundi 16 juillet
Kapwing is Adobe for the meme generation
British politician butt tweets and the responses on Twitter are absolute magic
HTC Vive Pro : vous pourrez bientôt passer de votre salon à la cuisine sans quitter la VR
iPhone 9 : des maquettes en attendant l'officialisation
A list of ten things that billionaire owners of EV, clean energy and rocket companies should and should not tweet
Samedi 14 juillet
Parkland victim's father mourns on Twitter on what would've been daughter's 15th birthday
The biggest winners and losers after Twitter's massive purge
Vendredi 13 juillet
#AlloSimone : la voix de la SNCF informe les voyageurs en avatar 3D
Donald Trump, le président des bots aussi
Vous allez perdre des abonnés sur Twitter : c’est normal (et bien)
Pourquoi Trump a perdu 100.000 abonnés sur Twitter ?
#BecauseOfHerWeCan: Trailblazing Indigenous Australian women celebrated on Twitter
Jeudi 12 juillet
Here's which Kardashian lost the most followers in the Twitter Purge
Sister Helen Prejean's Twitter account is proof that the world still has good in it
Just 15 minutes into the Twitter purge, Trump has already lost 100K followers
Papa John's gets absolutely scorched on Twitter after report that founder used the n-word
Le nombre de followers des utilisateurs de Twitter va baisser
Twitter : le nombre d'abonnés (followers) va baisser
Enterprise software investments may be tepid now, but they’re poised to engage - Détail en haut de page ↑
Mercredi 11 juillet
Twitter lets advertisers “takeover” the Explore tab
Twitter will remove millions of accounts from follower numbers 'to build trust'
Hold for the drop: Twitter to purge locked accounts from follower metrics
Mardi 10 juillet
In the public sector, algorithms need a conscience
Elon Musk goes on Twitter rant after reports that his mini submarine was 'not practical’

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