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Former Facebook brand marketing head is new Oculus CMO
 A long-time Facebook brand marketing exec has been tapped to lead marketing efforts at Oculus. Rebecca Van Dyck will be joining the virtual reality team as CMO. The hire, first noted on Twitter by reporter Alex Heath, was confirmed by an Oculus spokesperson to TechCrunch. The spokesperson also noted than Van Dyck will report to Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra. The company’s last CMO, Liz… Read More
- de 25 jour(s) - jeudi 31 août 2017 à 20h40
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Twitter is testing a Twitter Lite Android app, first in the Philippines
 Twitter today has nearly four times as many monthly active users outside the U.S. as it does in its home market — 260 million versus 68 million — and this week it quietly launched a ... suite
‘BoJack Horseman’ gets picked up for a fifth season at Netflix
 Netflix’s narcissistic neigh-sayer is coming back yet again – BoJack Horseman will have a fifth season on the streaming service, as confirmed by a tweet from the official BoJack ... suite
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Jeudi 21 septembre
Facebook and Twitter play bigger role in Congressional election hacking probe
Cringe-worthy Twitter story about a plumber could shatter your world-view
Man asks Twitter for birthday drinks, gets way more than he bargained for
Twitter supprime 300 000 comptes liés au terrorisme
Melania Trump spoke out against bullying and Twitter can't take the irony
Mercredi 20 septembre
Chelsea Clinton had the best response when Trump blocked a cancer patient on Twitter
Chris Cillizza's Twitter Ratio is so bad, we're not sure his account can survive
Fox will premiere its new show ‘Ghosted’ on Twitter before it airs on TV
Twitter se lance dans la revue de presse pour tenter de vous séduire
Twitter suspend 299.000 comptes liés au terrorisme
Gael García Bernal took to Twitter to find his father after the Mexico earthquake
Benchmark principal Kris Fredrickson leaves for another firm
Twitter replaces board member who left for Microsoft with ex-Google CFO
Mardi 19 septembre
Kevin Durant explains his Twitter meltdown
Twitter claims tech wins in quashing terror tweets
Twitter's crackdown on terrorism appears to be working
Huawei Mate 10 : nouvelle image du futur smartphone avec intelligence artificielle embarquée
Chrissy Teigen uses Twitter to get John Legend to pick up the phone
Snap, Facebook, Pop: Sriram Krishnan joins Twitter as senior director of product
Samedi 16 septembre
Twitter says a now-fixed bug allowed ad campaigns to target users with derogatory terms
Vendredi 15 septembre
South Park trolled Amazon Echo owners in the best way possible
Jeudi 14 septembre
This British TV channel has something of utmost importance to tell you about Twitter
Mercredi 13 septembre
Everyone's favorite PlayStation parody account on Twitter is shutting down
Twitter adds a whole bunch of live video partners, to bombard you with even more content
Le Mode Nuit de Twitter repose les yeux, même de jour
Jimmy Kimmel mercilessly ribs Ted Cruz's Twitter porn gaffe
Ted Cruz Twitter porn gaffe inspires inevitable Photoshop battle
Mardi 12 septembre
The 'Hurricane Shark' is a Twitter sensation
Well, here are all the best jokes about Ted Cruz liking some porn on Twitter
Equifax says that it will waive credit freeze fees for 30 days
Mark Hamill got confused on Twitter and now he supports an English football team
Twitter pourrait faciliter le contournement des 140 caractères
Lundi 11 septembre
One woman's epic twitter thread has it all: A cheating boyfriend, stone cold revenge, and gifs aplenty
Twitter va-t-il simplifier les "threads" et enterrer en douce les 140 caractères ?

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