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Twitter comedian Mike Huckabee burns CNN with 100% flawless joke
- de 160 jour(s) - mercredi 10 mai 2017 à 17h10
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Samedi 14 octobre
Twitter's Jack Dorsey promises changes to anti-harassment policies after #WomenBoycottTwitter
Twitter CEO promises to crack down on hate, violence and harassment with “more aggressive” rules
Vendredi 13 octobre
Russia investigation hits an unexpected wall: Twitter's deletion policy
Twitter users join 24hr boycott to protest online harassment
Liam Gallagher's sweary guide to being a Twitter legend
P!nk sang Twitter songs about fall and it was majestic
Twitter explique les raisons du blocage du compte de Rose McGowan
1080p et 4K chez Molotov qui active une chaîne de test de votre débit
#WomenBoycottTwitter: Twitter protest arises following Rose McGowan's suspension
Jeudi 12 octobre
Rose McGowan took a shot at Twitter after her account was restored
Twitter breaks its silence on McGowan suspension
Twitter explains why Rose McGowan's account got suspended
People are livid at Twitter for banning Rose McGowan after her Weinstein-related tweets
Twitter’s abuse problem is absolutely a failure of leadership
Rose McGowan has been suspended from Twitter
Mercredi 11 octobre
Twitter veut informer plus directement des résultats sportifs
Twitter says it may “refine” its policies after reversing position on Blackburn campaign ad
Mardi 10 octobre
Twitter adds a new feature that puts sports updates at the top of your timeline
Twitter launches ‘Happening Now’ to showcase tweets about events, starting with sports
Twitterrific returns to Mac as a customizable Twitter client, but at twice the price of Tweetbot
Vous pourrez bientôt sauvegarder vos tweets (mais toujours pas les éditer)
Twitter will launch a bookmarking tool in the near future
Lundi 09 octobre
Twitter removes anti-abortion political ad, proving it can crack down on speech if it wants to
Microsoft just buried Windows Phone... on Twitter
This week in very bad Brand Twitter
Microsoft confirme la mort de Windows Phone
Rebel Wilson hits out on Twitter after Bauer Media appeal defamation settlement
SFR victime d'une panne géante dimanche 8 octobre 2017
Liam Gallagher explains why he loves winding people up on Twitter
Un dirigeant de Microsoft annonce la fin de Windows 10 Mobile sur Twitter
Dimanche 08 octobre
Why Freada Kapor Klein thinks there’s a moral crisis in Silicon Valley
Facebook execs (somewhat) embrace transparency, via Twitter
Samedi 07 octobre
Twitter users helped identify a mysterious blob on weather radar
Vendredi 06 octobre
Woman reports same dick pic 3 times, gets 3 different responses from Twitter

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