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Twitter enables account sharing in its mobile app, powered by TweetDeck Teams
 TweetDeck Teams – a feature that lets users share access to Twitter accounts, without having to share a password – will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. This change will make it easier for those who run social media accounts for businesses and brands to post updates, check replies, send direct messages, and more, without having to run a separate app. If anything… Read More
- de 73 jour(s) - vendredi 08 septembre 2017 à 18h59
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[Veille marketing] Les 280 caractères sur Twitter, plugin de chat Facebook Messenger, intelligence artificielle, SEO…
Déjà marre des 280 caractères sur Twitter ? Savez-vous que Facebook a lancé un plugin de chat Messenger pour les sites Internet ? Vous n'êtes pas au courant des ... suite
Crunch Report | Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature and Tesla unveils a semi truck
 Today’s Stories Apple pushes back on the release of the Homepod Twitter tests a new tweetstorm feature Tesla unveils a new semi truck Walmart will pilot the new Tesla Semis Credits Written ... suite
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Vendredi 17 novembre
Twitter confirms it's testing a tweetstorm feature
Fake news publicitaires… il n’y a pas que Facebook, Twitter et Google
Apple’s new ad shows how iPads are going to replace laptops
Jeudi 16 novembre
Inside the reckoning of the alt-right on Twitter
Twitter confirms it’s testing a tweetstorm feature
Comptes certifiés : Twitter fait le ménage
Far-right personalities around the world are feeling the impact of Twitter's new verification policy
C'est le jour « J » pour Tesla Semi
Twitter lance ses API premium
Twitter removes verified checkmarks from several white supremacists’ profiles
Twitter is removing verification checkmarks from accounts that break its rules
Twitter to revoke verification for some accounts as part of overhaul
Mercredi 15 novembre
Twitter bans alt-right troll Baked Alaska
Study: Russian Twitter bots sent 45k Brexit tweets close to vote
Twitter présente ses API premium pour les développeurs
The BBC is quoting a dodgy Zimbabwean Twitter account which called for hipsters to be shot
Square Cash is letting some users buy and sell Bitcoin
La manipulation des réseaux sociaux par les Etats s'industrialise
Mardi 14 novembre
Twitter updates policies to explain why it won't ban Trump
Twitter details how it reviews and enforces rules around hate speech, violence and harassment
Twitter launches lower-cost subscription access to its data through new Premium APIs
This guy dealt with his insomnia by grading foxes on Twitter and it's fantastic
Donald Trump Jr et WikiLeaks communiquaient pendant les élections américaines
Lundi 13 novembre
Twitter is still trying to make Moments happen
A couple's viral photo results in a Twitter thread that'll make your day
Turns out Twitter with 280 characters is at least good for one thing: Playing 'Tetris'
How one of America’s most powerful policemen learned to love social media after Hurricane Harvey
Dimanche 12 novembre
Twitter suspend son système de vérification
[Veille marketing] 280 caractères sur Twitter, retour des sondages sur Facebook, drainer du trafic via LinkedIn, storytelling et emailing…
Samedi 11 novembre
Rebel Wilson details own experience with sexual misconduct in Twitter thread
Here's why a Twitter account for Maine tourism gets so many notifications
Twitter suspend la certification des comptes
Vendredi 10 novembre
Eminem and Beyoncé's surprising new collaboration brought out the jokes on Twitter
New startups like Mytime want to pay for your attention and time in cryptocurrency

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