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Twitter is suddenly making money and Wall Street likes it a whole lot
 Despite flat user numbers and a nominal beat in revenue, Twitter’s fortune-reversal over the past several months is still going as the company said it actually posted a GAAP net income — sending the stock jumping nearly 10%. Twitter’s overall user numbers were flat, but the company was still able to post a surprising profit and fell above what Wall Street expected for its… Read More
- de 108 jour(s) - jeudi 08 février 2018 à 13h18
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Twitter will give political candidates a special badge during US midterm elections
Ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections, Twitter is taking a visible step to combat the spread of misinformation on its famously chaotic platform. In a blog post this week, the company explained how it w ... suite
Trump condamné pour avoir bloqué ses opposants sur Twitter
Une fois de plus, le président américain Donald Trump fait parler de lui avec ses frasques sur Twitter. Cette fois-ci, il est attaqué en justice pour avoir bloqué certains ... suite
Take a look at your Twitter timeline 10 years ago
Here’s a fun thing for a Friday: go back and see what your Twitter timeline looked like 10 years ago. Twitter has pretty powerful search settings, but Andy Baio — of Kickstarter fame and m ... suite
Twitter unveils new political ad guidelines set to go into effect this summer
Following the unrelenting wave of controversy around Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Twitter announced new guidelines today for political advertisements on the social networkin ... suite
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Jeudi 24 mai
Inside Facebook’s anti-sex trafficking hackathon
PME : quelques bonnes pratiques pour optimiser vos images sur les réseaux sociaux en 2018
'Breaking Bad' actor Dean Norris may have had the most glorious Twitter fail with 'sex gifs'
Stephen King got blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter, so he blocked him back
Instapaper on pause in Europe to fix GDPR compliance “issue”
In unhinged Twitter rant, Elon Musk says he's creating a site for rating 'truth'
Haha, Trump legally can't block people on Twitter anymore
Mercredi 23 mai
How [and why] I invest in startups
It’s unconstitutional for Trump to block people on Twitter
Quand un faux compte Twitter fait croire à la fin de la marque AREZ d'ASUS
Twitter va tuer les applications Android TV, Xbox et Roku
Mardi 22 mai
Twitter is killing several of its TV apps, too
Ethereum's co-founder just solved the 'chicken and egg' question on Twitter, and he's not stopping there
Lundi 21 mai
Google Photos adds likes and favorites with hearts and stars
Progressive advocacy groups call on the FTC to “make Facebook safe for democracy”
Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?
Dimanche 20 mai
A simple solution to end the encryption debate
Vendredi 18 mai
Twitter is trolling Elon Musk for thinking he invented the subway
Jeudi 17 mai
Trump's Twitter by the numbers, one year after Mueller's appointment
Twitter et ses API : le réseau social serre encore la vis
Meet the 9-year-old who runs the most wholesome Twitter account about petting dogs
Mercredi 16 mai
Twitter delays shutdown of legacy APIs by 3 months as it launches a replacement
Twitter veut se débarrasser définitivement des trolls
Twitter travaille sur une I.A dédiée à la chasse aux trolls
Twitter veut faire taire les trolls... si vous le voulez
Le crépuscule des applications tierces pour Twitter
Twitter's new troll filtering might actually prevent more abuse than any ban
Mardi 15 mai
Twitter algorithm changes will hide more bad tweets and trolls
Tweetbot 3 arrives with a new look…and a reprieve from Twitter’s API changes
Lundi 14 mai
Lost In Space is coming back for a second season
Favstar says it will shut down June 19 as a result of Twitter’s API changes for data streams
Une panne semble frapper les différents réseaux internet et mobiles
Lifetime's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle movie is here and Twitter has thoughts
Dimanche 13 mai
The UK and USA need to extend their “special relationship” to technology development

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