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Twitter says Vine users’ emails and phone numbers were exposed for a day, but weren’t misused
 Twitter is alerting Vine users of a bug that exposed their email addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers to third parties. It’s also advising affected users to be cautious about any emails from unknown senders as a result. The company says the bug was only active for 24 hours before being patched, and doesn’t believe that the data was misused in any way, at this time. To… Read More
- de 41 jour(s) - vendredi 19 mai 2017 à 21h29
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Mardi 27 juin
Matt Derella (Twitter) : "Nous planchons sur un outil qui offrira des insights inédits aux annonceurs"
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Jeudi 22 juin
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Mercredi 21 juin
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Mardi 20 juin
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Lundi 19 juin
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Dimanche 18 juin
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Samedi 17 juin
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Vendredi 16 juin
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