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Twitter unveils new political ad guidelines set to go into effect this summer
Following the unrelenting wave of controversy around Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Twitter announced new guidelines today for political advertisements on the social networking site. The policy, which will go into effect this summer ahead of midterm elections, will look towards preventing foreign election interference by requiring organizations to self-identify and certify that […]
- de 88 jour(s) - jeudi 24 mai 2018 à 22h50
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6 million users had installed third-party Twitter clients
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Twitter coupe l’accès à ses API temps réel
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Vendredi 17 août
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Twitter punishes Alex Jones—but he's still not banned
Mardi 14 août
Twitter is purging accounts that were trying to evade prior suspensions
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Samedi 11 août
Alex Jones is so eager to stay on Twitter he's attempting to follow its rules
Facebook is the recruiting tool of choice for far-right group the Proud Boys
Données personnelles : l'UFC-Que Choisir fait condamner Twitter en France
Twitter suspends Proud Boys before white supremacist rally
The DNC just served Wikileaks with a lawsuit over Twitter
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As California burns, climate goals may go up in smoke—even after the flames are out
Mercredi 08 août
Trump's '5 for 5!' tweet had Twitter users hilariously decoding its meaning

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