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How to comment on the FCC’s proposal to revoke net neutrality
 The FCC has made its initial proposal as to how it intends to do away with net neutrality — and despite what leadership there has said, that’s definitely how the proposed rules read. ... suite
Scaleway thinks the future of cloud hosting is ARM-based servers
 Iliad’s cloud hosting division Scaleway is launching a new type of server today. In just a minute, you can launch your server with its own dedicated ARMv8 processor, 2GB of RAM, 50GB of SS ... suite
Molotov s'invite sur Freebox Mini 4K
Elle s'est faite attendre de longs mois, l'application Molotov est officiellement disponible sur Freebox Mini 4K.
Molotov TV disponible également sur la Freebox Mini 4K
L'application de télévision Molotov.TV se lance également sur la Freebox Mini 4K. | Zone Numerique.
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Mardi 25 avril
Collaboration startup Splice introduces sound effects to its library
Science37 aims to democratize clinical research with a fresh $29 million in growth funding
Juicero may be the absurd avatar of Silicon Valley hubris, but boy is it well-engineered
Dairy might have snuck into Soylent 1.8 powder, prompting recall
Lundi 24 avril
Flush with funding, Instacart accelerates US expansion
This dude gave out free pizza to marathon runners because not all heroes wear capes
Reefill wants you to drink more tap water
Droits TV : Free et SFR ne paieront pas non plus TF1
Droits TV : Free ne paiera pas non plus TF1 [MAJ]
Droits TV : Free ne paiera pas non plus TF1
Blocage des flux TV de TF1 : Free n'est pas impressionné non plus
Dimanche 23 avril
Snack and game worry-free with this handy desktop mop
Samedi 22 avril
How to make Twitter profitable
Vendredi 21 avril
New partnership makes Google Play Music the default on all Samsung devices, with double the storage capacity
Starbucks fan shows us how to get a Unicorn Frappuccino for free
Crunch Report | Google Home Gets More Personal
Jeudi 20 avril
Armie Hammer lights up in an exclusive 420 clip from 'Free Fire'
Shopify launches a free, in-house designed card reader
Second round of Disrupt NY Hackathon tickets now available
MakeSpace raises $30 million to store your belongings
Mercredi 19 avril
The original 'StarCraft' is now free
Lynk & Co's sedan concept boasts free internet
Apple finally made these apps free for all users
StarCraft is now free, nearly 20 years after its release
Mardi 18 avril
Apple makes iWork, iMovie & GarageBand apps free to all Mac & iOS users
Spotify’s artist dashboard exits beta, offering streaming insights, profile management & more
Lundi 17 avril
This brilliant nonprofit helps women in eating disorder recovery get a free new wardrobe
Klassroom intègre station F
Samedi 15 avril
Family tries to let their pet bird go free and fails miserably
Vendredi 14 avril
The 'Fast and Furious' franchise has given Corona $15 million in free advertising just because
Pourquoi Free a subi un redressement de TVA
Jeudi 13 avril
goTenna Series B fuels vision to make short-range communication possible anywhere on the planet
Mercredi 12 avril
Google launches a dedicated home for Chrome WebVR experiences
L'utilisation d'IPv6 toujours minoritaire en France, l'Arcep nous détaille ses calculs

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